Peter Perch is a fish, fishing and wildlife illustrator based in the Netherlands but working worldwide, combining street art and traditional techniques to a new and spicy kind of fish art.

Peter Perch was born and raised on a farm close to a river surrounded by a 600 year old canal system , rivers and some small lakes. As soon as he learned to walk and swim his father and grandfather taught him how to fish, which is about the same time that he picked up a pencil and started drawing his catch.

If he wasn’t outside he would spend his days flipping through encyclopedias, field guides and biology books, looking at all the images absorbing them. At age 8 he was confronted with Japanese Woodblock prints (ukiyo-e) through the work of van Gogh and Monet which had a big impact on his work.

Peter’s favorite media are: Big murals, paintings on wood, wood burning, screen-printing, etching and above all his sketchbook. Next to his Art career Peter now works for a wide variety of clients in the fishing industry. Magazines, apparel, logo design stickers, but also does commissioned work for non-commercial clients and the occasional tattoo design.